Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I hope everyone had a super holiday. This week has been super around here. Meg and I went to Georgetown, CO on Tuesday to ride the loop railroad there. Wow, was it fun. The train is a steam engine built in 1912. It was originally running on a track in Maui. Wow, Maui to the Rocky Mountains. The day was overcast and cool, about 65 degrees. It was a lovely break from the 100 degree temps we were having last week here in Denver.

We tooled around Georgetown, CO after the train ride. It's a quaint little mountain town, in a beautiful valley with rocky mountains on both sides. We toured a hotel that had not changed hardly at all since 1875. It was like stepping into a time machine. The architecture is beyond cool in Colorado mountains towns as the boom for most of them was in the late 1800's. If you are like me and you like Victorian architecture you gotta get to Colorado and do some exploring. Leadville is a killer town for victorian house stalking. It's amazing how many victorian houses are in city of Denver too. A lot of silver tycoons had city houses as well as places near their mines in Leadville and other spots around Colorado. Check out the Baker neighborhood if you are ever in Denver proper. It has the best examples in the city. (in my opinion!)

The 4th of July was a laid back day for us. I worked some in the morning and then in the afternoon we had a family photo shoot. These photos say it all. We are a very lucky family and we love each other SO much. I have the cutest Meg in the whole wide world and the most handsome Mambo in the whole wide world. How did I get so lucky you ask? I have no idea, but I am grateful to have such amazing love and support.

Things in Denver are great. Things are getting ready to change. Today I am happy to be here, in the mile high city. ta ta for now!

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  1. You two ladies are beautiful! Stunning really! I'm glad our paths crossed, even if briefly. If I ever make it to Asheville, can I come visit? Ciao bella!