Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Man, I am a bad, bad blogger girl!

Wow, it's been a while folks. What can I say? My life is so full, amazing and awesome, I have been too busy living to write on my blog!

I have been up to a lot since I last posted. I have designed 7 or 8 new logos. I have worked on a number of new websites and bunch of other awesome graphic design projects. One of my favorites is this new logo for All Souls Pizza. They will be opening soon in the River Arts District. It's very exciting times down there.

I am also working on a new website for Lola Salon & Gallery.  I am designing the new logo for King Daddy's Chicken & Waffle. The folks at Early Girl Eatery will be opening King Daddy's later this year.

I worked on a cool label for a product called sweet potato jerkery. Here it is. It turned out mighty cute!

Meg and I are doing great. We are about to travel back to Denver to sell our house there. We have loved our little rental in Montford. We are moving into a temporary rental in West Asheville (very near the Asheville School) when we return from Denver. It's a big space, 1000+ sq ft, so we will have most of our stuff boxed up and only unpack the super important stuff. That way we will be ready to pounce on a new house when we find her. We both know she will be ready when we are!

We are both so stoked to be home owners in Asheville again. 

We have been enjoying daily walks in Montford, weekly trips to the farmers market. I am loving rainbow (aka pink and purple) radishes, fresh lettuce, and scallions on just about everything lately. 

This is my little favorite buddy, Finny playing the wi, and ready for any darkness that might come his way!

Classic Mambo napping pose, face plant.

This is the view from our front porch in the Montford rental house. We will miss you sweet little house. You have been SO good to us.
This is my favorite nephew's band poster, as seen by me in town on a walk with Meg. All other nieces and nephews, if you want to be my favorite, move to Asheville. I will warn you, Jay really, really likes to be number 1. It will be a tough battle. 

We have been seeing our friends a lot. Our BBF and her family stayed with us for a few days recently. We had so much fun with her, her hubs and two kiddies! My buddy Remi turned 9! What fun we had at her pool party! We have been playing a lot of yathzee on the porch, and spending lots of time relaxing. Meg and I went to see our nephew Jay's band at the grey eagle. What a killer show. We even stayed out past 9 pm! It's a miracle. (that's how much we like Jay!!) 

Meg and I both have enjoying the prettiest June I can remember every living though here in A-ville. It's so dang green here. Come and visit if you don't live here. It's the most perfect month there is.

Until next time, which hopefully won't be months from now, but no promises. We gotta new home to find! Lots and lots of love from Asheville!