Monday, April 18, 2011

The times are a'changing some more, a lot more!

Today I am inspired by change. We are moving to Denver, CO! Antonio is moving with us. He will be going to high school in Denver!

Our amazing house is up for sale. That's why I haven't written in over a month. We have been busy packing up stuff to go into storage and cleaning and arranging everything around here.

Once we sell our house we are off to Denver! If the house doesn't sell really fast, we will rent it out and rent a place in Denver. We are very hopeful our little house will sale as it's really something. We have been working on the house since before Christmas, painting, fixing, and loving her into a perfect state of house bliss. We both never imagined we would ever want to leave Asheville or our little home, but hey, the times they are a'changing!

We are changing cities. We are changing houses. We are going from not being full time parents to having a son. Last week we got the official paper work, that we have joint custody of Antonio! All three of us are super excited about the new adventure.

We are off to Denver later this week, to check out schools for Antonio, neighborhoods for us to live in and I have a few folks I am meeting with to discuss job options. It's going to be a great trip. We are staying with some good friends, so we all can get a real feeling of what it is like to live in a neighborhood. We are staying in LoHi.

We are going to miss so much about Asheville. We are going to miss our friends. We are going to miss our house. We are excited to make new friends, and to get a new house. I am excited about getting a new job. Antonio is excited about going to a new school & kicking ass in the grade & sport departments. Meg is excited to be Antonio's taxi driver & queen bee of all house stuff! Mambo (the cat) is excited to wear girly burton snowboard googles every where he goes and furry boots. Wait, that's what I am going to wear. I guess we'll match. We all can't wait to get there!

I am inspired by the home, community, and support we have built in Asheville. I am inspired by the faith we all have in creating a home, and a supportive community for our family in Denver.

Are we crazy? sometimes. Are we brave? Yes. Are we risk takers, who want the best life that our family can have? you betcha!

I plan on writing a blog specifically about Antonio. I will probably be too dang busy to set it up before we leave, but I will pass it on to all his faithful followers. He has so many. He is lucky & so are we. I could not have dreamed up a more perfect son or more perfect life to live. He called Meg Mom today. I can't think of anything that makes me happier than that.

Oh yeah, tomorrow's my birthday. I have a lot I would like to wish for, but I think I will just be happy with what I already have. Stay tuned.