Tuesday, May 8, 2012

More B-day love & what the hell have I been doing besides blogging? A lot, that's what.

The epic b-day trip ended with a two days in Leadville. We had a great time checking out the amazing examples of Victorian architecture, and wandering around a couple of super killer antique stores. I am newly obsessed with purple glass from the 1880's/90's. It is clear when it is first made, but as it is exposed to sunlight, it turns purple depending on how much manganese was in the sand used to make the glass. Until about 1915 sand with loads of manganese was the sand of choice for making clear glass.

French Victorian example

see where this style gets it's gingerbread name. Looks good enough to eat.

Spindle love!

Glass is so much prettier than plastic don't you think?

Cedar Shake love. I want our Neo Victorian tiny house to look a lot like this. 

So, Leadville was beyond interesting. We also visited the matchless mine. If you are interested in the history stuff, this is where Horace Tablor made his fortune. This is also where Baby Doe Tabor lived after Horace died. There are still piles of silver mining leftover crap all around the mine. This crap is from the late 1890's. Can you believe it's still laying around. Crazy!

Here is me sitting on a pile of the leftover stuff.

Now we are back in Denver working hard. I am busy with design work, while Meg is busy working on the house. We have news regarding all of the house updates but that is another post.

Lately, we have finished the trim in the bathroom and kitchen. The kitchen floor is painted a great grey and looks awesome. We fixed two flagstone pathways that were a hot mess. Of course, by we, I mean mostly Justin. I think it's been like three posts since I said he was the greatest feller ever. Well, he still is. Today he put up the sun shades on the deck. Yesterday, he helped me and Meg get the backroom hardwood section of the 3rd bedroom ready to sand. He is also close to being able to lay new tile in the 3rd bedroom and the other bathroom.

What would we do without him you ask? We would be lost, that's what! Justin For President has been our latest chant around the house. He would make a great one by the way!

Someday I will take photos of everything. Someday when the house is clean. Wait, that may never happen but I will take photos!

Meg's sister is in town this week for a cooking class. We did a little day trip to Boulder on Sunday and had dinner here.  http://thekitchencommunity.com/  Can you say OMG, amazing food. I had this yummy roasted chicken with a meyer lemon sauce, over an amazing ramp mash. WOW. Thanks BABS!

Alright, next week, Meg and I are off to photograph Dunleith Historic Inn in Natchez, MS. The inn was built in 1856 so we are pretty stoked to capture the history and scale of the property.
Until next time!!