Friday, January 20, 2012

Road Tripping Again!

Tuesday we drove from Denver, CO to Lawrence, KS. 562 miles of a wonderful day in the KIA soul with Meg. We laughed a bunch and listened to the XM radio. There was snow on the ground for the five hours east of Denver. About an hour outside of Denver is was snowing to the south of 70 west. The sky was grey and beautiful with sun streaming through the clouds. The ground was sparkly and amazing. It was a really beautiful site to see. I wish you could have been there.

We spent the night in Lawrence, KS. What a lovely little town. We had coffee and breakfast at the Merc Co-op, then took a nice walk around the JayHawks campus.

Then we drove 250 miles to Saint Louis. We have been spending the last two days with our friend, href="">Lisa Colby. She is an amazing jeweler, and she is about the sweetest person you will ever meet. Yesterday we hit up a couple of thrift stores and then had a great Indian/Korean/Napalese lunch in the grove neighborhood at  href="">everest cafe. What amazing food. The neighborhood was super cute. It's called the Globe neighborhood. Why don't all neighborhoods have a super cute sign at the entrance?

Today it's a 300 mile day. We are off to Nashville, TN. We are going to check out the American Pickers store in Nashville because I am curious. Then we are going to have a late lunch at the Wild Cow veggie restaurant. They have loads of gluten free stuff and it's cheap. Then we are spending the night with some old friends of Meg. We are photographing their family in the morning, then we are off to my hometown, Asheville!! I am so excited to see all my friends. Look out Asheille, I missed ya!

Friday, January 13, 2012

The truth will set you free and be really awesome!

Today I wanted to write about something that has always inspired me. Truth. It may sound trite but from someone who hasn't always been able to be completely truthful about herself, it's a big deal to me these days. I knew I was gay since I was in pre-school, but didn't tell a single person until I was thrown out (this is a story for another blog post at a later date) of the closet when I was 21.

Today I am out in every aspect of my life. All my friends, family, &  clients know I am gay and I am married to my partner Meg. I am proud to be out. I know there are loads of little kids out there who are gay. Today they see all sorts of role models... from Ellen, to Elton John, we are everywhere. I was watching the people's choice awards the other night,  & in the first thirty minutes, there was Ellen and Neil Patrick Harris both openly kissing their partners on T.V.!!! It's so great to see opening gay, happy people. 

A fellow gay I have been super inspired by is Mondo Guerra. I don't know how many of you out there watch Project Runway, but you should start. It's an addictive reality show about fashion designers completing to win a load of cash to start their own fashion line.

Mondo lives his truth. In season 8, during one of the fashion challenges, Mondo reveled he was H.I.V. positive on the show. I was so impressed by this then and now.  I have had the opportunity to meet Mondo. He is a super down to earth sweet heart & is doing a lot of AMAZING work here with Colorado AIDS Project.

The Truth, it's where it's at. Take it from somebody who has tried it, it's awesome to be totally honest all the time.

I am off to finish up a few work things so I can start packing for our road trip. We leave next week. I will be blogging about our trip as always. We are going to be traveling from Denver to Saint Louis to Nashville to Asheville, NC to Charleston, SC to Baton Rouge back to Denver. Yes, it's a crazy trip as usual. While we are away, we are getting a new bathroom, complete with a clawfoot tub! Before and After picks in mid February. Happy Friday everyone!