Thursday, July 21, 2011

A few reasons I love living in Denver.

1. We live very close to the light rail station on Alameda Ave. Antonio has taken the light rail/bus to school a few times already. He has also jumped on the light rail & headed over to the skate park. We could go downtown to a NBA/NFL/MLB game via the light rail. It's amazing!

2. We live near a ton of restaurants & fun stuff to do.
+ Lark Burger is my number one favorite place to eat right now. Yes, it's because of the vanilla shakes and french fries, not the burgers.
+ Washington Park is my favorite place to ride bikes and people watch.
+ Whole Foods is just a few blocks away. I gotta get my gluten free fix somewhere!

3. I get to live with the best two people and furry man in the world. Meg, Antonio & Mambo are all loving Colorado. Mambo loves his big yard and his man cave (the basement). Meg loves the new house. She spends a lot of time sweeping the front sidewalk and working on shaping up the yard. Antonio loves his room and his basketball court. He spends a lot of time at the skate park.

4. Our new house is so cute and so us. I know loyal blog followers, you want photos. E-mail Meg ok? she is my official photographer & she is on a contact making mission... when she is not sweeping the yard. She is rebuilding her business from the ground up, so she is burning up the lines and hitting the pavement introducing the Denver/Boulder market to her heirloom photography business. Bug her please. I want to show off this place!

5. We have an amazing handy man. His name is Justin. He helped us with a million projects the first couple of weeks we were here. He is amazing & he is nice & funny. We are very lucky to have him.

6. I really like being a mom, when Antonio is smiling. I mean, who wouldn't want be his mama? Look at that face. The above photo is from his first day at the work study training program at Arrupe Jesuit High School. This is where he is going. No more trying to figure that out. He is very excited & so are we.

All this wonderful change is SO inspiring. Until next time! Happy Almost Friday!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wow, Denver is awesome.

This is what Antonio says when you ask him about Denver. I tend to agree with him. We are really settling in to the new house since Antonio got here a couple of weeks ago. So far we have painted our bathroom, the kitchen, Antonio's room, his bathroom, the deck, and half of our office room. I know, I know... when are you going post photos? Soon people soon. It's gotta look good, I am a designer remember?

I have been so busy with house projects, looking for a full time job, learning html & dreamweaver and being a full time Mom, that I haven't had time to blog. I do have a lot to blog about so let's get to it!

We spent last Friday night with our friends, Eddie & Tatum Perez. Tatum graciously invited us to an after hours viewing at the Museum of Outdoor Art, exhibit called Light Supply. Man, did we have fun. The most entertaining part of the evening was dancing on the harp that plays when you break the plane of the laser with any old body part. See the photos above. It's the big metal thing, with the dots on the floor. The blue room photo is where Grammy award winner, Mickey Houlihan of Wind over the Earth created an original soundscape for the different colors of the room. The room would fade from one color to the next. It was a very pink floyd experience, which reminded me of my college days.

Read all about it here :
Museum of Outdoor Art

The weekend before last we dropped by a denver art thing, that turned out to be super great. I loved the graphic they created and I saw it on facebook and decided to go. Meg and I both left the event feeling very inspired. check out the artists & get the scoop on the event.

Antonio is really turning out to be quite the skateboarder. He wants to go to the park everyday. While, he doesn't get to go everyday, he has been going a lot.

Last night after I made homemade vietnamese spring rolls for dinner, we headed over to Aurora, CO for some serious firework action. Check out the craziness on utube. This guy uploaded the last 4 something minutes of the show on youtube to a rocking guitar version of the national anthem. Forward to the 3 something to see the grand finale. It was brain numbingly loud, and it sort of seemed like the sky was exploding. I have to say the show was pretty dang spectacular, especially if you happen to be 14 going on 30.

Aurora Fireworks on youtube

Today I am inspired by new friends, a new city, and a new family. This year is all about doing things differently, so far we are right on track! Signing off from Denver!

The awesome photos from the museum by Nikki Leven Breaux.