Tuesday, August 21, 2012

home sweet home. Oh Yeah!

well, well, well, I know I promised to talk about the big news forever ago, back in July and here it is, nearly the end of August.

The big news is, Meg & I moved back to Asheville August 1st! Hooray. We are beyond happy about being home.

Don't get me wrong. Denver is a super city, but a large part of why we moved there was for Antonio to go to High School. Since that didn't work out we decided earlier this year, that we were going to rent our house in Denver out for a year and move home. We are looking forward to a year with no house projects!

We landed for the first week in Asheville in a beautiful cabin, 25 minutes north of Asheville in Fork's of Ivy. It was a magical place to re-enter our beautiful home state. It rained a ton while we were out there, and every evening was misty and beautiful. It was beyond amazing as you can clearly see in the photos. We plan to go back out soon and take photos of the inside of the cabin. The cabin got Meg and I both fired up about building what we have coined as our ultimate house.

Everyone including Mambo the cat loved the cabin. It was a quite, comfortable and relaxing place to land after packing up our life for the 2nd time in a little over a year and driving cross country. We ended up driving from Denver to Baton Rouge and back four times and back and forth to Asheville from Denver twice. Needless to say we are getting our money's worth out of the Kia Soul we bought back in early 2011.

The long term plan is to either renovate an existing house, or build a house from scratch once we sell the Denver house. Either way, the ultimate house will have loads of victorian influences, reclaimed wood/materials and other old, cool stuff included.

We are in a rental house that is a little cutie bungalow in Montford. We have been in the new house for two weeks today. We are loving it. The house sits near a bunch of quite woods and it feels like you on the side of a remote mountain but really you are about 2 minutes from downtown. It's perfect for us!

We were welcomed back by our friends with such enthusiasm. We are very happy to be so loved. Our peeps really missed us and we missed them too!

We are spending loads of time with those awesome friends of ours & settling in to the new house in addition to working of course. I am still swamped with work which is awesome and amazing. I am so very grateful for my wonderful clients.

I am curious who can guess which photos I took (with photo booth on my macbook pro) and which photos Meg took. Clearly, she is the professional.

Alright peeps. I am back to being settled and back to blogging way more often. Have an awesome evening!