Thursday, November 25, 2010

home sweet home, finally.

The last two and a half weeks have been beyond busy. We took a wet plate collodian photography workshop in washington, D.C. We have a number of friends there, but due to arriving right before class, on Friday night and a LSU football game against Alabama on Saturday afternoon, we didn't get to see anyone.

We left first thing on Sunday morning to get back to Asheville. (insert driving back and forth to DC from Asheville here.)

Then we were off to Bay St. Louis, MS, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans in LA for 12 day trip. (Insert more back and forth driving here).

We stopped in Bay St. Louis on Friday morning to check out another school for Antonio. The school is called St. Stanislaus. It cleared up a number of questions we had about what would make a school a good fit for Antonio.

We are still looking for a good high school for him. I will let everyone know when we figure it out. thank you to everyone who has listened to us talk about this. ALL of your input is SO important. Thank you, thank you, thank for the love and support we get from friends and family regarding antonio.

Meg had a few photo shoots in Baton Rouge. One of them was our great niece, the great Eisley Reilley. She is amazingly cute, like not regular cute, but super cute. Check her out, see for yourself! (she is the little cutie in this post)

I worked on a bunch of stuff while I was in Baton Rouge. I am designing a logo, two greeting cards, a place mat for local restaurants (for kids to color!), and finishing up the design for my business website. I am a couple of hours away from sending the files to the programmer. I still have copy to write and edit but mostly I am done! The site is set to launch in December. I am so excited about the new site & excited to hand it off so I can get on with re-doing all of my print stuff.

We saw the lady tigers first home game of the year. It was great to see the girls. They are still working out the kinks but they will get there. They have their haters right now. I am NOT among them. Win, Lose, I love my lady t's. period.

We spent a lot of time with Meg's mom, Barbara. Barb got an ipad! How cool is that? it is even cooler to watch her use it. We played a lot of yahtzee. It's a great app, check it out.

Barb also ate tofu and liked it. One of her favorite foods is a real hamburger, so I must make some yummy tofu! Barb has good taste. Just sayin'!!

We photographed a wedding in New Orleans on Saturday night. Everything went really well. We even had to find a parking space in the french quarter which is iffy at best, but we got a spot right in front of the hotel we were working in & right in front of the place we were staying, even if it took Meg 50 times of back and forth to get us in there! Meg's time in San Francisco really helps out when we need to do some serious parallel parking. Good job Meggie!

Working a wedding is like doing squats and sprints for five hours. Needless to say after we drove for two days after the wedding, we are pretty dang pooped.

So, Thanksgiving for us, was mostly prepared by my friends at Homegrown in Asheville. Check out their website, at we are having mashed taters, roasted brussel sprouts, collards, a big green salad and turkey. Mostly Mr. Antonio will be having turkey sandwiches for the next couple of weeks and mambo the cat is in turkey heaven. I also got a gluten free pumpkin pie from Dolci de Maria.Whoa. It's amazing.

I made Gluten Free stuffing. It's all veggie with faux chorizo, red peppers and parmesan. It's Meg's favorite and I make it every year. I also made some gluten free gravy. (insert note, in Louisiana this would be a sauce, they would never call what I make gravy. They don't put flour gravy, they make a meat dripping sauce.They have the best tasting food down there, so maybe it is a sauce. Whatever it's called both versions are good on top of stuff, like stuffing or taters or turkey.)

So, on this Thanksgiving morning, I am grateful for the following: wonderful & amazing Meg, sweet & wonderful, Antonio, amazing & sweet, Mambo, my wonderful family, my amazing friends, my sweet house, my sweet job, my wonderful health, my amazing life.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all.