Thursday, February 16, 2012

Road Trip overload!

Denver to Lawrence, KS to Saint Louis to Nashville to Asheville to Charleston, to Montgomery, AL to Baton Rouge to Tulsa, OK to Denver. We left January 17th and returned home yesterday February 16th.

We drove almost 4,000 miles. We had an awesome trip. Meg had a few photo shoots. I worked all along the way. We had a super busy trip, hence why I didn't blog like usual. I can't believe what we packed into a month long trip. We saw some friends, and family, flew a kite, ate gluten free falfels (here, best meal I have had in a year played on the beach, saw three lady tigers games, and helped Meg's mom get her hip surgery arranged and over with. Thank goodness Meg's mama had so many great kids. Meg's  three sisters and bro who live in Baton Rouge helped to get her to surgery and then are taking turns staying with her until she gets out of the hospital. She goes home tomorrow and it doing great!

We arrived back in Denver yesterday and I am so glad to be home. We have some exciting things going on around here over the next few weeks, so I promise to blog like a good blogger should!