Monday, December 17, 2012

Balance is where it's at!

Sometimes, when I go back and read my posts on here, I realize it sounds like all I do is work (lately anyway). This is not true. Matter of fact, that couldn't be further from the truth. I do get  a lot done in the work realm. 

I love my work, but really the main squeezes of my life are two very important M's. Meg and Mambo. Each day, I spend time with Meg and Mambo. I have been walking about three miles a day. I spend time talking with friends. I write letters to my brother. I relax and watch tv. I am currently obsessed with Chicago Fire. I tuned in at first to see Lady Gaga's boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. I have straight girlfriends, who refer to it as Chicago Yum. Turn in, you will see why. Now I am totally hooked. 

I watch Project Runway Allstars. I will watch the regular season in January. I wish my Denver buddy, Jenny Taylor could watch with us! I watch my lady tigers (LSU baby) anytime they have a home game (via an online service that shows live/HD games, thank you technology). We will likely get down to Baton Rouge sometime in the spring to see a few games, live, in person and decked out in purple and gold. 

Meg and I go exploring. We talk about what we want our next house will be like. The plan is to buy a fixer upper. We would love to keep our Denver house if we can & buy a fixer upper in Asheville. We will see. We are in a lease on the rental house (location of photo below) until August 1st of 2013. We have been happy to be free of house projects for a while. I am starting to miss them. (Yes, I am CRAZY, I know).

Meg and I celebrated our 10th anniversary about six weeks ago. We spent a few days in Charleston together. It's was so much fun. We are closer than ever, happy than ever, and we can't wait for the next ten years together.
What I have learned about success is that it's great, but only if you have someone special to share it with. My Meg and Mambo are the reason I do everything I do, every day. I am so lucky, it's ridiculous. 

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