Monday, March 28, 2011

Inspired by the swamp!

I am past due on my inspiration blog. Weekly blogs are a great goal. But hey, I am blogging pretty regularly so I think that is success. Progress not perfection is my motto this year! Today I am inspired by seeing new things. I am inspired by places I have been before, but not on this day. Last week, I was swamped (hehe!) with work, but I was down in Baton Rouge, visiting family and working with my partner Meg. Her mom was having a birthday (I am not allowed to say which one, as said Mother reads this blog!) Ms. Barbara loves bird watching and I thought hey, why don't we head to lake martin early one morning while we are here and see if we can see some birds.

We got up at 6 and headed out around 6:30 for the hour long drive from Baton Rouge, to Lake Martin, LA. We had a cooler full of sandwiches and other yummy Gluten Free snacks.

We arrived at Lake Martin around 7:30. Wow, we were in for a treat. It's nesting time for all sorts of birds on lake martin. We saw white egrets, blue herons, and the amazing Roseate Spoonbill birds sitting all over the trees. There were hundreds of birds nesting in the rookery. White birds, black birds and pink birds. Yes, PINK. We happened upon a couple of very knowledgeable bird photographers who told us which birds were which. It was Awesome I say, just awesome.

Then we mentioned to the photogs that we wanted to go on a boat tour and they told us right where to go. We drove down to dock and we saw the swamp tour truck but no boat and nobody. Meg's mom spotted a number on the truck and said do you think we should call? I said hey I doubt the phone is going to work in the swamp, but I tried anyway. The guy picked up in his amazing Cajun accent and said he wouldn't mind at all to swing back and pick us up. They had only being going for about 10 minutes.

The swamp tour was amazing, but not as amazing as the tour guide's cajun accent. If you have never met a real cajun, I advise you head down to South Louisana, and get to the swamp & meet yourself a cajun or two. They are the most resourceful people on the planet and they might just be the nicest and the most welcoming. It doesn't matter if you are from Mars. They take you right in and offer you a beer and some crawfish.

I can't describe how pretty it is in the swamp with words. Just check out the photos and see for yourself.

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